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Emmanuel Temple Church Of God
What to Expect

When visiting a church for the first time, there is much apprehension. Much of it comes from previous experiences at other churches.

You may ask, will I have to park a distance and walk in these shoes or be concerned about my car? Where you choose to park is your choice. However, Emmanuel Temple has planty of parking spaces on the church lot as well as on the street. Security is also standing by and watching out for your prize possession. 

How will the people treat me? Are they snooty and mean? The members at Emmanuel Temple, "The Emmanuelites," are known to be very friendly and joyful. You will be treated very kindly and no one looks down their nose to anyone else. It is not the teaching of this ministry.

When you walk through the Temple door, a gentleman will open the door for you.  You will then be greeted in the foyer by one of our wonderful greeters who will Welcome you into the Temple. The atmosphere will be inviting. A team of skilled Ushers will then invite you to be seated. You may choose to be seated in any section of your choice. FYI: Right in front of the podium is your best seat, you won't miss a thing. I reccomend you get there early because I think a few people know this secret.

What is my dress code? Respectful to God and His people. No specific attire is required to come to church....just a heart to receive!

Will I fit in? Everyone is welcome in the House Of The Lord! You will fit in because you are HIS child.

Do you have a Worship Team or A Choir? Yes, Emmanuel Temple has an anointed, awesome team of singers for Worship, which include recording artist and many other skilled singers. These singers are also active participants in the choir. This is an experience you must have.

HOW IS THE WORD? The Word is phenomenally anointed.  The Senior Pastor, Bishop Ronnie Whittier, a skilled orater and Professor of Religious Education, is qualified and guaranteed to release a seasoned and anointed Word that will arrest your spirit and bring instant healing and deliverance to your life.

You will want to hear more, you will let your guards down, you will hear what the Holy Spirit desires to do for your life and the instructions to receive that deliverance.

The first Lady, Evangelist Winnetta Whittier is a dynamic psalmist & preacher in her own rights and will help take you to another level in your relationship with ministry, family and the Father. You will not be dissapointed.

After the WORD.......The Altar Call will give you an opportunity to go to a more intimate place in prayer and to have someone pray with you regarding your spiritual concerns.

When service is dismissed, you will experience laughs, hugs, compliments and an invitation to return.


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The Spirit Of Love, Worship & Deliverance Will Meet You At The Door!
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